Siding Replacement

Did a recent storm or high winds damage the siding on your home? Does your siding’s aging appearance make your house look like it’s about to fall apart? Do repairs made throughout the years have your home looking like a patchwork quilt? It might be time to consider a full siding replacement!

Whether you want to boost the value of your home or add more curb appeal, you get both with siding replacement! Don’t let your home’s beauty be destroyed by rotted, cracked, or warped siding. Get a beautiful, durable exterior for your home with James Hardie fiber cement siding from 1st Capital Certified Roofing!

Here’s Why You Need New Siding

It’s Time for Total Siding Replacement


Rot and Mold

If your siding is showing signs of rot or mold, it needs to be replaced. Don’t try to cover these problems up with hasty repairs or a coat of paint. Protect your investment!

Cracks and Gaps

These problems aren’t just ugly. They compromise the integrity of your siding. Humidity and rain work through the cracks and damage your home’s structure.

Bulging and Warping

At this point, the structural integrity of your siding has likely failed. And there are probably even more serious problems underneath. Don’t let them get worse!

Drafty Walls/Windows

If you feel drafts around windows, doors, electrical switches, and wall outlets, your home is wasting energy. Make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient!

Why This HAAG Certified Inspector Uses James Hardie

We Believe in Quality Products and Quality Work


1st Capital Certified Roofing Owner, Ben Sutterfield, is certified by the HAAG Engineering firm as a Certified Residential (Roof) Inspector since 2007. We perform the same quality work when it comes to siding, roofs, windows, and any other services we offer for your property.

James Hardie fiber cement siding is the leading brand of siding in North America. Their products aren’t just the best selling products. They’re the best quality products with the best value. And they look great too! They also perform better than others and can endure Austin’s harshest weather conditions!

Pick Your Favorite James Hardie Siding

Choose from These Siding Replacement Options and More!


HardiePlank® Lap Siding

This James Hardie style is the most popular in North America. It looks great on all types of home designs. Give your house a timeless look with HardiePlank® lap siding.

HardiePanel® Vertical Siding

Want to give your home a modern look but not worry about it going out of style? HardiePanel® Vertical siding stands on its own and pairs great with lap siding too!

HardieShingle® Siding

Give your home a unique style in the Texas landscape with James Hardie shake siding. You get the distinct look of cedar shake with way less maintenance.

Get Your House Siding Replacement

Boost Your Home’s Value and Curb Appeal


1. Call the Siding Replacement Experts

You can trust 1st Capital Certified Roofing to install quality James Hardie fiber cement siding that looks great, fits your home, and will last for decades.

2. Book Your Free Estimate

Getting a full siding replacement might seem overwhelming. But we promise to explain all the options and help you find a solution that fits your home and budget.

3. Schedule Your Siding Replacement

You can count on us to work hard to keep this major home project from causing a major disruption to your life. We promise you that it will all be worth it!

4. Enjoy Your Safe Home

Your home won’t just look great after siding replacement. It will perform great too. Save on energy bills, and add to the structural integrity of your home!

Enjoy the Benefits of New Home Siding Replacement

Hire an Austin Siding Replacement Company You Trust


Your house siding needs to be able to stand up to the severe weather we see in the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio metro areas. When you pair James Hardie’s quality siding with 1st Capital Certified Roofing’s quality work, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Don’t settle for lower-quality products and shoddy work from discount siding replacement companies. Enjoy the enhanced curb appeal, lower energy bills, and a more comfortable interior. Satisfied customers across Central Texas agree. You can trust 1st Capital Certified Roofing to stand behind our word and our work!

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