Roof Inspections

Texas homeowners and business owners need roof inspections for many reasons. Whether you need a roof inspection because of bad weather or an insurance request, it can be a stressful appointment to book.

You might be asking:

  • What will a roof inspection cost?
  • How do I know my roof inspector will be thorough?
  • What if the inspector finds a serious problem?

You’re not alone. Every owner has those questions when they book their roof inspection. It can be frightening to think about the possible need for roof repair or replacement. But ignoring your roof could lead to bigger problems. And if it’s damaged, it’s not going to fix itself.

You Need a Roof Inspection

Get Your Roof Inspected Before It’s Too Late!


New Construction

Architects, insurers, and manufacturers often ask for a roof inspection on your new home or facility. Oh, and congrats on the new place!

Insurance Claims

New insurers often ask you to get a roof inspection. You’ll also need an inspection when putting in a claim with your insurance company.

Hail/Wind Damage

Here in Austin, we have some of the most severe weather in the country. If your roof has been damaged by hail or wind, let the pros take a look! 

Old Age

No matter how well you take care of it, your roof eventually reaches the end of its life. Many roofs only last 20 years. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Work With a Roof Inspector You Can Trust

Try 1st Capital Certified Roofing


To protect your biggest investment, you’ll need a roof inspector who knows what they’re doing up there. How does 25 years of experience sound? And don’t you want to work with someone who is trustworthy and shows integrity?

Ben Sutterfield, owner of 1st Capital Certified Roofing, is clear about his company’s values. (1) God first. (2) Family second. (3) Business third. You can believe Ben when he says he’ll always do what’s right for the people of Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

Hire a Certified Roof Inspector

Get a Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Roof


1. Call the Roofing Experts

Whatever the reason you need a roof inspection company, you can count on 1st Capital Certified Roofing to provide the thorough service you need. Our owner, Ben, has been certified by the HAAG Engineering firm since 2007.

2. Book Your Roof Inspection

We’ll examine your roof for hail/wind damage, corrosion, missing/damaged shingles, improper sealing, energy loss, and more. We’ll also inspect for poor attic conditions, water leaks, staining, and other related damage.

3. Get an Honest, Complete Evaluation

You shouldn’t have to worry about being talked into a new roof when you don’t need it. We’ll explain why your roof passed or failed our inspection. You may only need a repair. If not, we’ll guide you through your roof replacement.

4. Enjoy Your Safe Home or Building

Whether your inspection calls for repairs or not, you’ll have peace of mind after your roof inspection. You won’t have to worry about hidden structural damage lurking beneath the surface. Trust your roof to keep your family safe.

Book Your Roof Inspection Today

Stop Worrying About Your Roof


Why have anxiety about your roof? You should feel most secure under the protection of your own roof. Whether a home or business, you count on your roof to save energy costs, keep your property safe, and protect the people inside.

The cost of an inspection is low compared to what hidden problems could cost you. Contact 1st Capital Certified Roofing. You can trust us to perform a thorough roof inspection, provide an honest evaluation, and follow through with quality work.

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