Roof Repair

Here in Texas, there are plenty of reasons why you might need a roof repair. Our severe weather hits roofs of homes and businesses with heavy rains, destructive hail, and high winds. Even if your property manages to survive these threats, old age will still take its toll, and you’ll eventually end up with a leaky roof.

You Need a Trusted Roof Repair Expert

Work With a Pro Who Can Fix All Your Roof Problems


Hail Damage

After a hailstorm, it’s important to get your roof inspected for damage. Your roof might not look so bad from ground level, but the damage might still be severe!

Wind Damage

High winds can blow your shingles right off your roof! And severe storms or tornados can cause structural damage that undermines the integrity of your roof.

Critter Damage

You love your home or commercial building because it’s a protected, safe space. Texas wildlife will chew its way in to enjoy it too.

Old Age

Exposed fasteners can rust away, leaving a weakness in your roof that lets rain and moisture find its way in. In time UV rays can break down materials.

Get a Quality Roof Repair That Lasts

Hire an Honest Roof Repair Company


1. Call the Roof Repair Experts

Your roof help protects your property from the elements. If you’ve noticed damage or a leak, don’t try to repair it on your own. Trust 1st Capital Certified Roofing’s 25+ years of experience to perform a thorough inspection and do quality work.

2. Book Your Roof Assessment

Once we know what you need to fix, we’ll help you come up with a plan. We’ll work quickly, so your roof repair doesn’t disrupt your life. We’ll also perform quality work with materials that last, so your roof will look great for years to come!

3. Schedule Your Roof Repair

Your roof replacement is the perfect opportunity to get the roof you’ve always wanted. We’ll help you pick the best option for your home and budget. And don’t worry about that homeowner’s association. We’ve worked under all kinds of HOA guidelines and zoning laws.

4. Love Every Minute Under Your Roof

You should feel safe under your own roof. Forget about that roof damage and move on with your life! Our local, family-owned roofing company stands behind our work. You don’t pay until you’re 100% satisfied with the job!

Have Your Roof Damage Repaired By a Trusted Professional

Work With an HAAG Engineering Certified Contractor


Your home or business property is probably your biggest investment. Don’t trust just anyone to make repairs on your building. You can count on our team to bring the same quality of work whether you need a roof repair, replacement, or even just a little maintenance.

Owner, Ben Sutterfield, has been certified by HAAG Engineering firm as a Certified Residential (Roof) Inspector since 2007. Having an honest, certified roof inspector perform your work really matters for your home or business property. Trust 1st Capital Certified Roofing to fix your roof.

Trust Your Local, Roof Repair Contractor

Protect Your Biggest Investment


1st Capital Certified Roofing performs quality work fast, and we often finish your roof repairs within one day. We pair premium materials with quality craftsmanship to make sure your roofing problems don’t come back to bite you later. Don’t trust just anyone with your roof. Work with a contractor who looks out for your interests!

You work hard for what you own. And you deserve to live and work in a space where you feel comfortable and safe. What are you waiting for? That roof damage isn’t going to fix itself! Stop worrying about when it’s going to get worse. Call 1st Capital Certified Roofing for your free estimate!

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