Does your home have stucco on its exterior walls? According to a study in 2017, 25 percent of all homes built in the United States that year used stucco for the exterior finish. Stucco can be a great way to finish a home’s exterior; however, it does come with its unique set of challenges.
Stucco is generally applied in a three-step process and is spread over the exterior walls using a metal lath. Over time, if cracks begin to appear in the stucco, water and moisture can seep in and get behind the stucco and damage the exterior wall.

Fortunately, there is a cure for this, and the problem can be fixed rather quickly. An elastomeric coating can be applied to the stucco, which creates a waterproof seal that will last for years. It will also repair tiny hairline cracks in the stucco, which will increase its life. Another advantage to applying an elastomeric coating is that when it dries, it creates a flexible seal that will move and bend as the walls shift and flex. The coating can also be tinted to a variety of colors, which makes matching it to your existing exterior color a breeze!

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