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If you want a beautiful, long-lasting roofing option – look no further than tile roofing. This luxurious roofing option provides outstanding protection for your home and family. Available in a wide variety of styles, tile roofs are an investment into your home and your future.

The Real Benefits of Tile Roofing

Long Lasting – These roofs will last for lifetime (or two or three). In fact, many manufacturers say that tile roofs will last hundreds of years. Although they have a higher installation cost, they definitely have a low cost per usable year on your home. Whether you plan to stay in your home forever or you are looking to improve the resale value of your home, tile roofing is a great option for you.

Eco-Friendly – Tile roofs are crafted from earth materials which means they can be recycled. Whether you are using slate, concrete or clay tiles, if the time comes to change your roof, the material can be crushed up and reused for other applications in the future!

Energy Efficient – Tile roofs have a unique structure that provides excellent energy efficiency for your home. Tiles prevent heat loss or gain which helps keeps A/C low in the summer and heating costs low in the winter.

High Durability – Roofs made from tile are incredibly durable. They can withstand hail of up to 2” with little to no damage. Unless they sustain impact from something heavy hitting them, like a tree, tile roofs are going to stay strong for generations to come.

No Leaks – Tile roofs are exceptional at keeping water out. This is especially good for central Texas because we sustain quick and heavy rainfall fairly frequently. They are also fireproof, windproof and won’t rot or decay.

A Look at Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are a tried and true roofing option loved around the world. They are incredibly versatile and can be crafted to match a variety of looks. Tiles are typically crafted from natural materials that are readily available including concrete, slate, ceramic and clay. These roofs are incredibly durable and can last for hundreds of years.

When done by a season professional, tile roofs are easy to install. They are also fairly easy to repair because tiles can be swapped out when needed.

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“We called 1st Capital Certified Roofing after our roof started leaking and they had someone on site within 30 minutes.  They were very professional and clearly very experienced in the field.  They gave us several options and took good care of us.  I highly recommend them!”

– Dr. Gerard L.

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One of the most important things when it comes to a tile roof is making sure the roof is installed correctly. Because of that, it is critical you choose the right partner to install your new roof. Our years of experience and unparalleled service is why so many people recommend 1st Capital Certified Roofing. We promise to complete your project, stay on track and leave your home better than when we first came. We pride ourselves on our commitment to each and every project and can’t wait to help you keep your home safe and secure.


Is a Tile Roof Right for You?

High Slope – Tile roofs can only be installed on certain houses. In order to install a tile, your roof has to have a fairly high slope. We can help you figure out if your slope is high enough for a tile roof when we come for an inspection.

Heavy Load Bearing – Tiles are 2-3 times heavier than asphalt roofs. Because of this, your house has to be able to withstand the load.


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“The team completed the job exactly as promised. They finished on schedule, and did a beautiful job. I highly recommend 1st Capital Certified Roofing!”

– David S.

1st Capital Certified Roofing Customer

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